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I found the following links and books useful to further my knowledge about life, living and healing. The links will take you to web sites that contain information, resources and materials about healing. Also listed below are various books that inform, enlighten and can be fun to read. Two of my favorites are The Celestine Prophecy and The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. In addition, I have developed a love for yoga over the past few years please see the Yoga & SRB page. Listed below are some of my favorite yoga studios and teachers in the San Francisco Bay area.



We make no claim about the services, products or other information contained at the following sites. You are welcome to follow the links, visit the various websites, and determine for yourself if they are for you.


Sakthi Foundation - This site has information on healing based on Vedic tradition and Ayurvedic practices. They also offer free help and support with health issues.

American Holistic Health Association - An organization that provides self-help resources, materials and practitioner listing, promotes the enhancement of health and well-being through personal responsibility, considering the whole person (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), wellness-oriented lifestyle choices, and active participation in personal health decisions and healing.

CureZone.org - Is an Educational Foundation, a nonprofit operating website dedicated to Health & Education with 80,000 web pages.

Shirley’s Wellness Café – Offers Alternative, Holistic, Complimentary and Preventative Health Care for People & Animals. Oriented to self-care, this free educational web site is dedicated to help promote natural health for humans and their animals - "First Do No Harm"

ByRegion.net – Is a Regional and National Healing Arts and Artist Directories. Its focus in the Healing Arts is on Holistic Practitioners, Bodyworkers, Mind-Body-Spirit Practitioners, Natural Products and Healing Services. In the Arts, the focus is on Visual Artists, Crafters, Musicians, Performing Artists and Artist Venues and Artist's Services.

Yoga Teachers

Each one of these unique teachers has offered me their wisdom, experience and friendship. They continue to grow and study both personally and in their yoga. You will find they have studied a variety of yoga styles and teach with great passion and heart.

Marly Cardozo - http://www.rasavinyasa.com/

Marti Foster - http://www.yogasolution.com/

Connie Habash - http://www.awakeningself.com/

Klaus Lehrach - http://yoga.montara.com/

Giselle Mari - http://www.funkyjiva.com/

Samantha Mathews - http://www.lotussunmoon.com/

Michelle Robinson - http:/www.mindbody-zone.com

Rebecca Snowball - http://yogasoul.com/

Yoga Studios

Avalon Art & Yoga Center - http://www.avalonyoga.com/index.html

Devi Yoga - http://www.devi-yoga.com/

MindBosyZone - http:/www.mindbody-zone.com

Yoga of Los Altos - http://yogaoflosaltos.com/

YogaSource - http://www.yogasource.com/

Yoga is Youthfulness - http://www.yogaisyouth.com/


The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure

Find out for yourself why virtually everyone you know has this book, described as an "adventure in pursuit of a spiritual mystery", on their coffee table.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior

During his junior year at the University of California, Dan Millman first stumbled upon his mentor (nicknamed Socrates) at an all-night gas station. At the time, Millman hoped to become a world-champion gymnast. "To survive the lessons ahead, you're going to need far more energy than ever before," Socrates warned him that night. "You must cleanse your body of tension, free your mind of stagnant knowledge, and open your heart to the energy of true emotion." From there, the unpredictable Socrates proceeded to teach Millman the "way of the peaceful warrior."

Why People Don't Heal and How They Can

A woman tells you, within minutes of meeting her, that she's in a support group for incest victims. In theory, this woman is trying to recover from her childhood trauma, but in reality, Caroline Myss writes, she's one of a growing army of people who practice "woundology," the use of their pain and suffering to manipulate those around them. Myss first noticed this phenomenon in the late 1980s, and began to analyze why so many people seemed to choose to carry such painful problems so proudly through life, to define themselves by the awful things that had happened to them.

The Seat of the Soul

Gary Zukav's American Book Award-winning The Dancing Wu Li Masters masterfully introduces the layman to quantum and particle physics, as well as Einstein's relativity theories. With a similar dose of amiable, easy-to-understand prose, Zukav guides readers into the spiritual realm in his bestselling The Seat of the Soul.

Ageless Body, Timeless Mind

"Chopra's bestselling title offers an Eastern philosophical approach to the problems of aging. The exercises he offers are illuminating and fun." ©AudioFile, Portland, Maine

Anatomy of the Spirit

What sets Anatomy of the Spirit apart is Carolyn Myss's ability to blend diverse religious and spiritual beliefs into a succinct discussion of health and human anatomy.

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