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Letting Go
Fascia: Connective Tissue
Unlikely but Useful Tools for Change
Your Greatest Spiritual Ally
Body Awareness
Energetic Patterns

The following are some of my current thoughts, beliefs and ideas about our bodies, life and spirituality. The ideas expressed here are an outcome of my work and knowledge acquired over the years through reading, education and work. They may change as new information comes to light. The only thing that I know for sure is that change is constant. Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.

  • Letting Go

  • Letting go is an active process, which does not require effort. If effort is defined as a conscious exertion of power or hard work, then letting go is just the opposite.

    For example, when you are stretching or taking a yoga class, sometimes you start to shake or feel increased tension or strain. At this point, if you pay attention to your breath, you may find that it has stopped or become very fast and choppy. Start to breathe deeper and evenly and tension will ease. If the tension is still there, back off the exercise a little until your breathing is calmer. Once the tension releases, you will find yourself relaxed and able to go deeper. As you become more aware of your body and exert less effort, it becomes easier to let go. Over time, you will connect on even deeper levels of openness within your self. In my experience, there is no limit to freedom. Develop your awareness and practice letting go, AHHHH!



  • Fascia: Connective Tissue

  • Fascia makes up an interwoven network that covers and interpenetrates every muscle, bone, nerve, artery and vein in the body as well as all of the internal organs. There is no gap in this network, meaning that each part of the body is connected to every other part by the fascia, creating an interconnected web.

    In a healthy state, fascia are relaxed and they can stretch and move without restriction. Through life experiences, physical trauma, scarring and the effects of gravity, the fascia lose their elasticity and become compressed. This new state is tight, restricted and a source of tension for the entire body.

    As we get older, the tissue in the body becomes even more compressed. We lose flexibility as it becomes hard and shortened. Insurance actuaries show that we lose four to six inches in height over a seventy-five year life span. You may not even notice that it is happening or, you do notice this change, and think you have to live with it because it’s part of getting older.

    Here is an example of change occurring without us noticing it. Sometimes your car brakes start squeaking and not working well. It happens so gradually that you don’t notice the change until you hear the squeak, which prompts you to get them repaired. Once they are repaired, you realize they had been deficient for a long time

    Now picture the tissue in your body. It has become hard and shortened over years of use. By letting go, you allow the tissue to become supple and flexible as in its original state.

  • Unlikely but Useful Tools for Change

  • Pain and fear can be used as tools for change. They can be guides to freedom and peace. You can release the pain and fear forever, but you must first become aware of their existence. All conscious change in life starts with an awareness of what we want to change and a desire to change. As we become more aware of the pain and fear in our body through direct experience, like with SRB, then it’s easier to let go.

  • PAIN

  • At any point in time, the average person only feels one or two places of discomfort in their body. In my experience, there are many areas of pain in the body hidden from our awareness. Social conditioning compels us to deny or hide pain, rather than acknowledge it. For example, there are many ads on TV for headache relief. Products like aspirin do not heal, they only mask the pain. We should first ask ourselves why do I have this pain. What is causing it and how can it be healed? But instead, we look for the first available drug just to stop the pain. That doesn’t mean we can’t use painkillers temporarily but aren’t we better off finding out what is the real cause of the pain? One of the keys to restoring balance in the body and having a feeling of comfort is to acknowledge the discomfort, pay attention to it, follow it in the way it wants to go, and then it will release. There is something to be gained in every attempt to relieve discomfort and pain, even when we think it is not successful.

    Most clients come to me wanting to get rid of a particular pain in their body. As we begin working together to release their pain, they realize they have many other areas of pain they were not aware of. As you release an area, other things such as feelings, tension or sensations may come to the surface and you become aware that other parts of the body require attention. Thus, we begin to free the body from its restrictions. This freedom brings a new sense of well-being and allows for greater flexibility and movement in our bodies and lives.

    All shifts in the body are reflected in our daily lives through our perceptions and beliefs. From my own personal experience of being an alcoholic, I know that through releasing fear, anger, and pain from my body I was able to stop drinking much faster than with traditional therapy. I remember a time when my shoulders were being worked on and I became tremendously angry. This anger had been trapped in my body and through releasing the connective tissue where it was stored, I was able to let go of it forever. Releasing stored emotions happens frequently during sessions. When these negative emotions are released, it can affect all of our interactions with others, give us self-empowerment and improve self-esteem.

  • FEAR

  • Fear is even less noticeable than pain in the body because it is not often felt on the physical level. It is perceived as a negative emotion or weakness so it is not acceptable to show it or express it in our society. Do you remember being told not to cry as a child or not to be scared? When this occurs repeatedly it creates a conditioned response. Because of this conditioned response, we subconsciously suppress our fear, and this emotion may get stored in our body.

    This social conditioning affects our behavior and choices without us being fully aware of it. There are times when we feel fear through our body, like getting butterflies before a speech. As the body is worked on, some people will feel fear. They may even want to stop because of this feeling. By having the courage to move through this emotion, there is no limit to how much the body can release. I have found that reassuring myself that I am going to be OK helps my body relax and let go of the fear.

    The changes that take place in the body are reflected in our daily lives. Actions that we were afraid to take now become possible. For example, I had a client who wanted to leave her corporate job to work for a non-profit organization. She was afraid of leaving the security of her job even though she knew in her heart that it was the right thing to do. Fear will keep us from following our passion in life. Once she had taken part in several sessions, she was able to release this fear and follow her heart. This is an example of the mind-body connection so often talked about these days. In this case releasing fear from the body allowed the same fear to be erased from the mind. As everything is connected, when we make a positive impact in one place it affects the whole. If I step on your toe, do you just feel it in the toe? No, you will feel it throughout your body. The traveling energy/pain will leave information along the entire path it travels.

    All things have positive aspects, including the feelings of pain and fear. Once we choose to perceive these as positive aspects, we can use these feelings to help us instead of holding us back. So-called negative feeling can become opportunities for change.

  • Your Greatest Spiritual Ally

  • During every stage of my spiritual growth, my greatest ally has been my body. I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. If we are constantly looking outside ourselves for our spiritual connection then we are missing out on one of our greatest opportunities. When we are fully in our bodies, we can reconnect with our highest spiritual self. This realization came to me through my own journey. As my physical limitations were overcome I have experienced countless other changes occur.

    There was a time when I carried so much anger in me that I lost a job because of it. I also hurt a lot of people through my abrasive and sarcastic comments. My anger was also expressed through my body; I would feel tremendously angry when my shoulders were worked on. In the beginning, I had no awareness of this anger. Over time, I became more aware of it and began to feel the anger release until it was completely gone. At the same time, I began to see changes in how I interacted with people and I noticed increased energy in my life. I’ve experienced this countless times with other people and with many different emotions.

  • Body Awareness

  • Few people ever experience a deep level of body-awareness. However deep your experience is, it can always increase, as there is no limit to this awareness. Even people who have taken years of yoga or who are extremely flexible are surprised at what they become aware of holding in their bodies with SRB. Flexibility is not an indicator that the body does not have holding. Also, not feeling pain does not mean that you do not have pain in the body. It often means that you’re not aware of any pain.

    Developing your awareness and taking action to release the holding will free you from negative emotions like anger, dejection and fear. When these are released, you can become more aware of your spiritual self and become more empowered. This unfolding will move you towards your full potential.

  • Energetic Patterns

  • My belief is that we are born with certain positive and negative energetic patterns. These patterns are the very foundation of who we are physically, mentally and emotionally. Limiting patterns block our spiritual development and keep us from achieving our full potential.

    Our families and environments tend to reinforce these patterns. Over time, the patterns become self-reinforcing. You can change these negative patterns but first you have to become aware of them. Working through the body to gain this awareness, and then releasing these patterns is one of the most powerful tools for growth and change that I have encountered.

  • Emotions

  • Over the years of experiencing many different emotions, it seems to me that all can be reduced to two: love and fear. If you take a good look at any negative emotion like dejection, anger, resentment or jealousy, you will find fear at its core. As with any positive emotion like joy, happiness, kindness or compassion, you will find love at its core. It is by transforming all fear into love that we can live our lives to the fullest. This does not have to be an arduous task but can be a free flowing journey. Become a free spirit and live your life to your fullest potential.

“You are the unconditioned spirit trapped in conditions, like the sun in eclipse” Rumi

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