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What To Expect From A Session

Sessions typically last from one to three hours. Two-hour sessions are recommended to allow enough time to work the entire body. This accelerates the healing process and allows the body to integrate the changes very quickly. You are fully clothed and no oil is used. Loose comfortable clothing is recommended.

  • Working Together

  • This work is designed to facilitate change. The most effective way to do this is by working as a team. That means you participate, even create your own healing. You will learn how to use your breath and other simple tools that are called Conscious Energy Release Techniques. These techniques will accelerate your healing and reduce pain.

    As you become more involved in your healing process, you develop a new awareness of your body. By developing this awareness, you will begin to trust your body as a guide. Using the body as a guide is one of the most effective ways to change physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • During a Session


    Utilizing my body leverage, energy, forearm, blade of my hand, and my feet, coupled with unique body positions, as in lying in a spiral, I am able to access the body in ways which most modalities that use a flat table cannot achieve. The equipment I use, besides my physical body and special body positions, include a mat, an arch, a posture chair, an extension and therapy balls. I use a three-phase movement that includes penetrating and lengthening the connective tissue with a final spiral movement that permanently releases holding in the connective tissue.

  • Innate Body Intelligence

  • When a physical discomfort or pain is felt, I will ask you to indicate the problem area. Often, how a person points or motions gives added insight to how the body needs to release. Particular attention is paid towards what the body wants, without following a certain protocol. That means each session is unique and geared toward your needs. Because permanent change happens at each session, every session is viewed as the first. This helps eliminate preconceived ideas or getting locked into a certain pattern of work.

  • After a Session

  • The changes are unique to each person and vary from session to session. Profound changes can occur and require several days to fully integrate. However, in most cases the integration period takes twenty-four to forty-eight hours. During this time, various things may happen. You may experience muscle soreness. This typically only happens after the first or second session. Or you may feel different emotions release like fear, anger or sadness. Some people have increased energy and others want to sleep. Some feel freedom from pain for the first time in years. Changes begin to occur in the very first session and continue over the course of treatment.

  • Example

  • A young woman came in for her first session. She complained about pain in her hip area. When she pointed to her hip, she motioned down and away from her body. This indicated to me that her body wanted to release in that direction. It was not a conscious movement on her part but an indicator of the body’s’ own innate intelligence.

    I placed her in a position to get access into that area and to work in the direction she had motioned. As I began to work, I could feel the tissue releasing under my arm and she began to cry from emotional release. I continued working until the tissue quit releasing. Once I stopped, she continued to cry for several minutes. She explained that she felt a great sense of sadness but could not attribute it to any particular event. She then realized the pain was gone. Note: There is no need for the body or mind to attribute pain or sadness to a particular event for release to be successful.

    Not everyone has an outward emotional release when they let go. Each person’s experience is different and each session will feel different from the last. Your perception of pain and fear will alter. You will begin to use these feelings as tools for further growth and development.

  • Intention is the Key

  • Your body has an incredible ability to let go and heal. Whatever your challenge is, do not give up on your desire to heal. Close your eyes for a moment and feel what it would be like to be free and have your desires fulfilled. What would you be doing, how would things look and what would people be saying to you? Bring the full and complete experience into your minds eye. Step into the process of healing. Have a strong intention to heal. Take the action needed and know that you can heal. You must know and believe it is possible. The miracle of healing from any disease or dis-ease is attainable by everyone. YOU CAN DO IT!!

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