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I began my journey with yoga in early 2001 and have become a devoted practitioner. At the time I had no idea how these two ways of working with the body, mind and spirit were connected. But the more I practiced and learned, it became clear to me the undeniable relationship between Yoga and Spiral Release Bodywork (SRB).

As I began to work with other yoga practitioners they would report back about how their practice had changed. They were able to move into new asanas much easier and deeper. Recovery from injury was accelerated and noticeable changes occurred in their understanding and connection to their body.

This was a revelation for me. Here was the perfect marriage of two very different approaches that promote the opening of the body and growth of the individual .

We all deal with openings in the body that can cause pain, slow us down and often have a great negative impact on our lives. Letting go is not always easy but a necessary part of change. Having support during this time can make the transition much easier.

Here are a few ways SRB can help:

  • Address a specific challenge with a specific asana(s)
  • Accelerate opening and flexibility in the body
  • Eliminate and reduce pain
  • Strengthen the spiritual connection

Yoga is practiced for many different reasons, such as exercise, to overcome a physical challenge or improve flexibility. For a growing number it is a spiritual practice. Whatever it may be for you, SRB can enhance and accelerate the benefits of your yoga practice. Allowing you to understand your body in a new way and to make the practice deeper.



"Even though at first I was skeptical, Tim's work has had an exceptional effect on my yoga practice. I'll just describe one of the many instances where he was the catalyst for an opening.

I had been working on getting my head to touch the floor in Prasarita Padottanasana for the best part of 7 years, to no avail. In plain English, that is the wide legged standing forward bend (http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/693_1.cfm). When I told Tim that, he started working on my legs, focusing on the hamstrings. About a week later, I managed to touch my head on the floor. Tim's work took a few days to percolate, but it had a profound effect in opening my hamstrings."

Philippe Alexis
Ashtanga yoga teacher

"I am a 61 year old male practicing Ashtanga yoga for three years.  I use my yoga practice and body work to change the results of a life of poor posture and poorly managed stress. I have found Spiral Release bodywork valuable in two ways. 

1.  The physical opening that yoga creates is enhanced by Spiral Release bodywork.  As I find new areas of my body opening in my yoga practice I direct Tim to further open these areas.   This noticeably speeds the physical changes.  Sometimes the reverse is also true.  I find new openings as a result of Spiral Release bodywork and expand them further in my yoga practice.

2.  When I have pain as a result of my yoga practice (or life) Spiral Release bodywork is a very effective way for me to move out the pain and continue my yoga practice (and life) without pause."

Ken Krechmer
Standards Researcher

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